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Captain Noah’s Log Book – Voyaging When the Fossil Record Was Accruing!

Author – Gerald Duffett.*

157 Pages


Description: (from the introduction)

This book is a treasury of ideas about Creation and the Flood as it attempts to be a matchmaker between Geology and Genesis. Sediments are littered with fossils of dead victims, yet many geologists claim to see no evidence for Noah’s Flood, when water was used as a Weapon of Mass Destruction! After the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 A.D., perhaps this is a book whose time has come!
God’s own were already named in the Lamb’s Book of Life before the start of creation, so how can “prehistory” exist as real time before writing? Therefore, the author maintains that there is no prehistory to act as a perch for evolution. He attempts to show that the Grand Canyon could have formed during Noah’s year-long Flood and its aftermath. Any reader of Captain Noah’s Log Book will:
• see rocks and fossils through Noah’s goggles!
• view “prehistory” as the Lost World of the Pre-Flood Era.
• know exactly when the Earth’s crust cracked to form
tectonic plates.
• deduce how eight crew coped in running a floating zoo.
• learn that the first rainbow signalled the start of fishing.
• grasp the truth about the Origin of Death and its End!
• become enlightened how to kiss goodbye to alleged
millions of years of so-called “prehistory”.
• realise that timescales show that Science Fiction can be
set in the past as well as in the future.
• appreciate taking Geology up to Genesis speed!
• follow how a theological reason underpins Geology.
• look at pigeons and rainbows and see something new.
Unlike the Titanic, the Ark carried no lifeboats; its crew wore no life belts and no-one was put through an “Abandon Ship!” drill. Evolutionists who give up belief in alleged millions of years, because of what is written in the Bible, need not think their brains will shrink. But their faith will grow in the One Who cannot lie and Who knows how to keep His promises.


The Origin of Death –  A Statistical Appraisal of Biblical Palaeontology.

Author  – Gerald Duffett*

65 Pages


Description: (from the introduction)

THE ORIGIN OF DEATH – A STATISTICAL APPRAISAL OF BIBLICAL PALAEONTOLOGY (A Study of the Origin of Death by Sin & Fossils by Flood on Earth)
This book is part of a Creation Trilogy, which includes two other books entitled The Computer hood of God: Christian Theology viewed as Information, Technology and Captain Noah’s Log Book: Voyaging when the Fossil Record was accruing!
To ponder upon The Origin of Death is more profound than to speculate upon the possible production processes involved in the Origin of Species. You see, whereas speciation is described as being by  natural selection, the reason underlying the entry of death into the ecosystem is declared as owing to Divine selection. The severity of the phenomenon of death serves to emphasize the importance of the following strands:
(a) The status of mankind was to represent the Creator. Such lofty status places mankind in the genre of being a model rather than simply a toy.
(b) The service of mankind was to rule over the creation. The specification was summarised prior to mankind’s existence. Man arose not as a “happy accident” gradually over aeons of time, but was announced and as sudden as a computer download, somewhere to the west of the Garden of Eden, particles were positioned by nanotechnology upon the order of voice activation technology to result in Adam, the originally created Self-portrait of the LORD God. Later, involving cloning linked with anaesthetic sleep, surgical ribectomy and postoperative suturing inside the Garden of Eden, the LORD God presented the woman to the man, who called her Eve.
(c) The Creator, Who was present, revealed both of the above strands prior to creating mankind. The revelation in Genesis is a running commentary narrated by the Spirit of God, Who was actually present when such events occurred — unlike present-day experts who, however learned, were absent and so rely heavily upon non-eyewitness scenarios based upon interpretation at best and speculation at
worst. To celebrate the completion of the perfect original creation, there was the institution of regular Rest Days and the dividing of time into seven day periods we call weeks. The Fourth Commandment sets God’s witness in stone. Any places of learning that will not teach creation still enjoy vacations which originated as a Divine Right to the Creator’s representatives on Earth, even before sin, suffering, clothing and death existed in Eden. Every death certificate should record “Original Sin was the underlying epigenetic cause.” Like aircraft vapour trails seen in any sky painting by William Turner are
anachronisms that invalidate authenticity, so fossils cannot corroborate the provenance of alleged prehistory. For the land that Adam and Eve trod upon rose from the sea bed on the Third Day, at a time when neither plants nor animals existed! The sequence of land before life means that those who believe that the witness of God is greater than human testimony must insist that most fossils accrued while Noah floated in his Ark! That modus operandi of rising on the Third Day ring-fences the Origin of Death not as a pre-human natural phenomenon, but as the punishment for human sin as agreed by the Synod of Carthage in 418 A.D. Similarly, the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the resurrection and the life, by rising on the Third Day after His sacrifice to take away sin, signals the End of Death as His Last Miracle in time! See Job 14:12.


The Computer-hood of God – Christian Theology as Computer Technology.

Author – Gerald Duffett.*

85 Pages


Description: (from the Introduction)

THE COMPUTERHOOD OF GOD: Christian Theology as Information Technology
This book is for all who seek meaning in life and desire to understand the significance of what might resemble “mumbo jumbo’” in religious creeds. Hand-washing seemed a meaningless ceremonial ritual until the invention of the microscope led to discovering pathogenic bacteria, which are linked with certain diseases. Now we see the importance of hygiene. Christian beliefs could be better understood if viewed through a computer parable. Brain specialists and computer experts often study each others reports in the hope of finding something of mutual benefit. The author reckons that
computer science allows light to shine on aspects to do with the Godhead; mankind; creation; sin with death; redemption with resurrection and the end of time. No amount of Einstein’s relativity can compare with the worth of one special relationship. Knowing to Whom we belong is much more valuable than possessing belongings. Like light passes through glass, so this relationship does not pass away when a believer passes over. Beyond death, there exists an inheritance so vast — it even dwarfs everything left behind in this life! To experience that places Christianity in the Life Sciences!
Quoting from the Holy Bible is necessary to link with those whose faith is also based upon the Old Testament, for the Lord Jesus Christ said: “If you had believed Moses, you would believe Me, for he wrote about Me.” John chapter 5, verse 46. The New Testament is an updating of the Old Testament. It stands as the Last Will and Testament and thereby supersedes the inheritance promised in the Covenant made to Abram and his offspring in Genesis chapter 12, verses 2 & 3,. Also the Patriarchs, Prophets and Psalmists point to the One Who came later. Anyone who celebrates Christmas may benefit from Christ’s birth, but even more from the downloading of unearned merit (=grace) from Christ’s death on the first Good Friday. One acrostic for GRACE is God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense. The Computer hood of God deals with a variety of topics. One example, of the unexpected way that the Creator confronts His Own people, is best seen in the event when the LORD used a burning bush to ambush Moses the Shepherd, saying: “I AM WHO I AM” — Exodus chapter 3, verse 14. Many years ago, the only talking Bush was a wireless with radio valves! Nowadays, every time a person handles a CD or a DVD they see how a rainbow glory may connect with a vast data store. This book fails if it misses to show that ideas of God are neither ‘old-hat’ nor confined to the past. Instead they are actually ahead of man’s wildest future expectations! It is easy to overlook the ability of the Genetic Code to manage both encryption and decryption. Like the twin faculties of writing and reading, so encoding is of no use without decoding!


* To see Gerald Duffett’s Biography, see Authors Page.





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