Museum Research

The Museum is currently in the process of extensively cataloguing all of the exhibits we house. This is an on-going project, as we also own a large collection that is currently in storage. The way we catalogue our specimens is as follows

  1. The artefact/fossil/rock/exhibit is cleaned, and identified by Museum researchers and checked by experts outside of the museum if necessary.
  2. If necessary, the item will go through additional cleaning and/or preparation.
  3. The item will then be catalogued with as much information as we can give it. This information will eventually be made available to the public, when the list is complete.
  4. Further research will be done on the items at a later date. We eventually want to write a paper on each major item, discussing the evidence for a young earth, and creation. We also want to make this information to other creation scientists so they can do further research if they want to.

Geological and Paleontological Research.

The Genesis Museum of Creation also does research in the geology and fossils of Norfolk. We have collected samples and fossils from several places around Norfolk. Joseph Hubbard (Founder, Director of the Museum) is currently writing a book on the geology of Norfolk. The book will be suitable for all ages as a guidebook, as well as the research we have done. We do our own research on the samples, researching the processes behind the formation of them, and how they fit into a Biblical time-frame. We are always looking for new locations and artefacts to research. If you have access to anything that might interest us, or would like to donate items to the museum for research or display, please contact us.

Biological Research.

We do biological research on a smaller scale due to financial restrictions. However we do some research on ecology (ecology is the study of how living organisms react to other organisms and their environment). This is small-scale, local research. We also research other research, in order to apply this to our work.

For more information, contact us.


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