At the Genesis Museum of Creation, we are committed to spreading the good news that the Bible is true. In order to do this, we have placed together a series of events around Norfolk, our home county and where we are based.

Fossil and geology walks.

We currently have two locations for the walks, Hunstanton and Runton. Hunstanton is a beautiful area of coastSAM_2825, up on the north of the county. As you can see, it also has some spectacular cliffs. The cliffs are made up of both red and white chalk, with a base of carstone. Fossils are abundant in the chalk, so we are guaranteed to find some. Chalk we are told, can only be formed in a slow, gradual deposition, over millions of years. Come along, and see the other point of view. We shall see that chalk in fact, cannot be formed slowly, instead, it requires fast and sudden deposition in order for it to form!

The second location is East Runton, near Cromer. Here we have the unique opportunity of discussing Flood and post-Flood deposits in one location. We also will find many fossils, mostly sea urchins and belemnites, from the chalk beds.

How it works

We do various different walks. The current groups are, Home-school groups, Families, and Adults. The home-school and family walks are suitable for children, as well as adults. We meet at Hunstanton or East Runton car park. The walks last from 2-3 hours, depending on how much time you have got. They can be any time of the day. Booking is essential, to book, see ‘contact us’. When you book, we need to check the tide times, so have a couple of dates handy! The walks are operated on a donations basis, please give generously, so we can further out outreach of the wonders of God.

What to bring.

Before the day, check the weather. If it is going to be hot bring suitable clothing, likewise if it is colder. Wear wellies or boots, as the ground is rocky in places. Oh, and a camera, as you will want to photograph the spectacular cliffs.

Home-school Groups.

At the Genesis Museum of Creation we are huge advocates of home-education. Thus we encourage home-school groups to visit the museum. Through the summer months, we will set up a “Creation Display” outside the museum. This will include hands-on activities as well as a museum tour and a chance to handle some of our fossils.  Once again this is an extra event with no charge, but donations are gratefully received. To book, discuss or for more information, contact us.

Group Visits.

Group visits are also welcome to the Museum. Please let us know if you are planning a group visit when you book.

Evidence Workshops.

If your church/group/school/etc. want to hear of the evidence for Creation and answers to tough issues such as dinosaurs, fossils and Noah’s Flood, then you can host an Evidence Workshop! We provide fossils, exhibits, and give talks for all ages. These workshops can be done hourly, half or whole day. They are operated on a donation basis. To book, or for more information, contact us.

Creation Talks

We also provide talks on creation, the fall, the Flood, and much more. The current talks are as follows:

  • What the Bible and Science Say about the age of the Earth.
  • Creation V Evolution – does it matter what you believe?
  • Noah’s Flood and the Fossil Record.
  • What Does the Bible Say About Astronomy?
  • Races, Culture, and the Tower of Babel.

There are also talks suitable for children (and adults!) on dinosaurs, stars, and the Flood. These are run on a donation basis. To book please contact us.

Mobile phone – 01263 861902



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