Your guide to the GMC

Welcome to the Genesis Museum of Creation! This short guide will hopefully give you a small idea of the huge amount of exhibits our museum holds. As you enter the museum, the first thing that greets you is a fish fossil, an ammonite, and an amethyst cathedral. Underneath, is our “7Cs of History” exhibit, explaining earth’s history from a Biblical worldview, from Creation, through to consumation. Next you find our Flood evidence exhibit. Housing a scale model of Noah’s ark, and numerous geology and fossil samples. Next we come to our “Evidence Rock”, as I call it. This is a rock with both sea creatures and fossil wood embedded into it. What more evidence of a worldwide flood do you need!?!?

Then we have our trilobites. Exquisitely preserved eyes, and even rolled up into a ball, indicating that it was buried alive. Next to them is our star, Rocky, our fossilized teddy bear!! Fossils don’t need millions of years to form at all!! We also have a dinosaur display, with fossils from around the world. A massive mosasaurs skeleton and jaw dominates the background, with a Crocodile skull in-front. Also we have a collection of mammal fossils such as Croc scutes, Elephant bone, Wooly Mammoth bone and tooth, and Bison leg bone.

Then a Biology display, with amazing models, live displays, and skulls.                                    DSCN8783DSCN8788DSCN8792



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