Joseph Hubbard:

Joseph Hubbard is the Curator,  speaker, and researcher of the Genesis Museum of Creation, as well as the webmaster of . He is also a Member of Creation Research, and writes articles about the fossil specimens of the GMC for them, as well as doing research. He is currently working on a degree in Natural Sciences.


Caleb Hubbard:

Caleb Hubbard is a writer & researcher for the Genesis Museum of Creation. His main interests are Cryptozoology, Marine Biology, and Natural Sciences. Caleb has also been on numerous fossil research trips with his brother Joseph, and their family.



Gerald Duffett:

Gerald Duffett is the author of the Creation Trilogy that we store in our shop. Gerald Duffett was born at Mountain Ash, South Wales in 1935. After secondary schooling, his
tertiary education began at the London Bible College (since renamed The London School of Theology). Then he studied General Science and History for teacher training with Oxford University Institute of Education at Newland Park College, near Chalfont St. Giles, Bucks. During his teaching career, he was Master in charge of Religious Education at the Icknield High School in Luton before being Head of Biology at Luton Grammar-Technical School and continued to hold similar positions in Cambridgeshire at Soham Grammar School for Boys and later at the City of Ely College. The Royal Society (London) sponsored his studies of gall wasps and their parasites, which provided opportunities for his students to be involved in scientific research. On a geology field trip, one of his students found some vertebrae that belonged to a plesiosaur. His membership of The Biblical Creation Society involved:
● writing a monograph — ‘Archaeopteryx lithographica Reconsidered’;
● lecturing at conferences at High Leigh, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire;
● giving a guided tour of the Natural History Museum and
● debating with evolutionists in Conway Hall, London and also in
South East Essex Sixth Form College in Thundersley. In Belgium, he spoke at the First European Creationist Congress about fossil men & apes found in the Olduvai Gorge and has had articles published in the Creation Research Society’s Quarterly Journal (USA). Moving to Wales in 1988, he switched to practising chiropody. His hobbies include natural history; art and model railways before they were somewhat eclipsed by computers! He and his wife Phyllis worship in Tenby area of Pembrokeshire, have two daughters and six grandchildren.


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