The Genesis Museum of Creation is committed to demonstrating the Truth of the Bible-from the very first verse. In the book of Genesis, the Bible gives us a clear description of how God created the heavens, earth, and everything in it, in six literal days, a few thousand years ago.
Secular scientists often disagree with this explanation, placing the earth in a billions of years timeframe. But when we look at the evidence in the world around us, and what science actually shows- nothing we see contradicts what the Bible says. What we read in God’s Word agrees with what we see in God’s world.
In a visit to the Genesis Museum of Creation, you will find scientific evidence for a young, and specially created earth, and vast evidence of a worldwide, catastrophic flood as described in the Bible. It also houses displays of dinosaur, mammal, and marine fossils, including a crocodile skull, mosasaur skeleton and lower jaw, woolly mammoth and rhino teeth and bone, ammonites, jellyfish, bison, trilobites, fish, petrified wood, a fossilized teddy bear, and much, much more!
Other exhibits include a 32″ scale model of Noah’s Ark, a life-size pterodactyl skeleton replica, and an archaeology, and biology displays. The Museum also has a small shop, where you can purchase books, dvds and fossils.
Entry to the Museum is free, and all visits include a tour with Joseph Hubbard.  Refreshments are included. The Museum is based near Fakenham in North Norfolk. Booking is essential, contact us to book a visit.

How to Contact us.

                              Tel. 01263 861902Email. genesismuseumofcreation@yahoo co.ukgenesis1genesismuseumofcreationmuseum1Photos of the Genesis Museum of Creation.

Photos of the Genesis Museum of Creation.

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